Our aim is to become a leading Australian explorer of Rare Earth Elements (REE) - utilising the best available people, resources and technology. 

Our ongoing strategy is to focus on gold and rare earth element mineralisation throughout Australia.

The 17 rare earth metals are critical components for many new technologies, with extensive uses in renewable energy and zero emission vehicles. Commercial interest in these elements and their extraordinary properties is growing exponentially, as new technologies evolve and the world’s largest producer, China, places restrictions on supply. 

Orion has over the past 2 years been acquiring a number of exploration permits on prospects in Western Australia and north Queensland that host rare earth elements (REE) and gold in a variety of geological settings. We continually remain on the lookout for opportunities in rare earths and gold exploration, as well as investigating new project generation concepts.

The consistent and substantial increase in the gold price maintains Orion’s commitment to developing our exploration opportunities in this commodity concurrently with the REE search. 

Orion Metals Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as ORM. 


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